Friday, April 11, 2008

More Pictures of Moscow Subway - Metro System

One of my friends sent me a power point presentation about Moscow's Subway. I know I posted about Russia's capital subway system not so long ago. But I decided to post these pics anyways - may be some of you will be interested to know more about it. By the way, Russian English translation for subway is Metro. So if you are about to go to Russia and see a sign Метро or just a sign with an "M", you should know that it stands for subway.
Here you go...Pictures of gorgeous Moscow subway.

Baumanskaya Metro Station

This is also a Baumanskaya Metro Station

Belorusskaya Station

Dobrinskaya Subway Station in Moscow

Dinamo Station in Moscow

Kievskaya Subway station - One of the most beautiful stations in Moscow. Long time ago I was doing a Russian phone translation for one of my friends from USA visiting Moscow. At the time of the translation he was in that station...Well, you won't believe me how much of an excitement he had.

This is also Kievskaya Station...

And this is the same station — Kievskaya

Komsomolskaya Metro

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I have some more of those...

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