Monday, February 11, 2008

Moscow Hotels

Continuing my story about Moscow subways, I would like to let you know about hotels in Moscow. So, according to statistics provided by the company TRI Hospitality Consulting, Moscow is still the most expensive city in Europe, and the cost of a room in a 4-5 - star hotel in the Russian capital - is the highest in the world. While the Moscow hotel occupancy is 68.1%, their profitability in the first half of the year reached 15% per annum to 7% on average from the world's competitors.

Following the closure of major hotels such as the Ukraine, Russia, Moscow, Minsk and Intourist, all other hotels have increased their prices. The cost of a room in a 5 - star hotels increased by an average of 18-25%, and in the category of "four-star" - by 30%.

But believe me, there are a lot of decent hotels in Moscow that won't cost that much. It is just a difficult task for a person who doesn't know Russian language to find such a hotel. You can easily make an online Russian translation of a phrase like "Hotels in Moscow" and google it. This will give you plenty of results for Russian speaking audience. People in Russian still have a stereotype that foreigners have a lot of money and that's why prices for Russians and people from other countries differ.

Next time you are going to Russia try to be a Russian...(if you want to save some money of course)

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