Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Battle of Borodino Celebration

Every first Sunday in September 124 km from Moscow near Mozhaisk a unique show is taking place. It's called Battle of Borodino.
Back in old days this legendary battle played a great role in a victory of Napoleon by Russian troops.
People from all over the country and overseas, particularly from France come to this historical event. These people are big fans of history. This celebration took place in 1962. In 1995 it got a status of a historic military fest. During its 190 anniversary in 2002 300 thousand people gathered.
Here is a picture from a fan of this celebration from fotodelo website -

Borodino field. It was here 22 - August 26, 1812 (4 - 8 September) came into a violent confrontation Russian army under the command of the celebrated commander Mikhail Kutuzov Illarionovich army and the Great French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. This ambitious battle was attended by about 300 thousand people, there were 1200 artillery shells. Kutuzov after personal inspection of Borodinskoy position ordered to strengthen it. Early in the morning of 26 August (8 September), the French army had about 135 thousand people and 587 shells, and the Russian army, consisted of 155 thousand people, and had 624 guns, they gathered against each for over 8 km. Losses of each of the parties were about 40 thousand (dead, wounded, missing). Napoleon Bonaparte failed. Russian army was divided and still represent formidable force. This battle, August 26, 1812 was the bloodiest in the military history of that time.

My Russian friend is there right now. He ordered a 3 way telephone conference call to talk with his friend from another country. After he's back I'll try to get some insider picture from the celebration.


Blogger labarerine said...


Borodino is clearly one of the French Victory (better known in France as 'Moskwa' battle)and door to occupation of Moscow by French Army. Moscow was never occupied thenafter (including during World War II).
It is true that this French Victory was during Soviet times considered by USSR as a Russian military Victory. Not any more. However now it is considered that this French Victory in late August authorized in the following Winter the huge Defeat of Berezina (among 'General' Winter), therefore nowaday some Russian consider it as a Victory of the russian Spirit.

1:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Russian language version

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