Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Russian Easter - How They Celebrate Pascha in Russia

Catholic world celebrated Easter last week. Russian Easter or Pascha — transliterated Russian word for Easter is on its way. This year Orthodox Church will celebrate it on the 27th of April. People start preparing for Pascha one week ahead. They say that it is one of the most important religious holidays. It's time for confession and spiritual self-perfecting. You won't notice a Paschal joy if you don't fast.
The celebration of Easter in Russia and other Eastern European countries start with a going to a Paschal worship service which starts at midnight. Nowadays a lot of people tend to participate during this service and almost all the churches are full of people. So it would really help if you come earlier. After the worship people salute each other and kiss with words "Christ is Risen!"
After that people start to celebrate this holiday, they start eating all the Paschal goodies. People visit each other and exchange with Easter eggs and Easter cakes. People call their relatives and friends. My friend who does Russian phone translation says that it is one of the most busiest time in her business. This is the most favorite time for children because they go to their neighbors and ask for Paschal eggs and cakes. It's like going treat or trick in the USA during a Halloween night.


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