Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Russian Cakes! - Pictures!!!

When you are about to through a birthday party for someone, what do you need the most? Of course, Happy Birthday Cake!
Well, this ones are not regular birthday cakes, and first looking at those images, I couldn't believe they are actually cakes. They look so real.
I also included a video from youtube on how a Russian family bakes a Russian birthday cake (at the end of a video you will see that it's a b-cake without Russian certified translation=)). Well, here is the video:

And here are those birthday cakes I've been talking about. Aren't they great?

A Russian English translation of those words on the picture is - For our beloved girl Nyusya.

You don't need translation here...just the names of planets.

Human Anatomy

I wouldn't like to eat this kind of cake, even though it's Russian=)

Russian translation on this picture will be: The Glory of Labor - how communistique.

Same subject here=), but very inventive.

They didn't forget American pepsi.

Boutique number five en Francais, bien sur.

Just a kitchen

You don't need a Russian translation here.


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