Thursday, July 24, 2008

St. Petersburg will celebrate Dostoevsky Day

A Committee of Culture of St. Petersburg took the initiative to introduce a new festival in the city - Dostoyevsky Day. Dostoevsky - a "global brand" and its use - "correct history". It may be a good start for cultural events in St. Petersburg.

They also plan to organize a ballet festival, which is scheduled for 2010. Saint Petersburg government is also going to "reformat" the City Day into a "major event". The City Day of Saint Petersburg is celebrated on 27th of May. City Day is a birthday of a city. Moscow's city day, for example, is in the begining of September. They want to redo this holiday in St Pete. It will be a week long holiday. It used to be a pretty quiet and calm holiday with no major events going on.


Anonymous L-Jay said...

Just 'stumbled' across your blog. I have been so intrigued by the war ruins where I live in Norway. I just posted a video on YouTube about some ruins from Russian prisoners of war who were made to build holding camps for Norwegian evcuees by the Germans.

Standing in these places I can't help but feel moved. The vid is called 'Left Behind'.

6:23 PM  

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