Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who tried to sink Russian cruiser Aurora...

Two lovers almost gave the stem legendary Russian cruiser Aurora today in St.Petersburg.
For about 90 years there weren't signals like "Man is overboard", but this Thursday early in the morning the ship was awaken...a little yaht crashed into Aurora's left side. Its armour endured Tsusimsky battle and it resisted this time as well. But the yaht is not a subject to repair. People found a bottle of whisky near the yaht.
There was a couple on the yaht: a man and a woman. The owner of the yaht flew overboard and hit on of the ladders of Aurora by with his head. He is in a bad condition right now. A lady has not suffered at all.
Even though a cruiser is not used for military operations, it is still considered as a warship. And there was a team of navymen who rescued the man. But the woman escaped from the yaht.
There are some minor scratches on the Aurora, but other than that - it's fine.
A man will be charged for speeding, violation of navigation rules and swimming in prohibited places.
When the man will feel better, he will pay a fine for speeding from 300 to 500 rubles and his right to operate boats will be suspended as well for 6 months. But if it turns out that a man was drunk, he'll pay up to 2000 rubles and 2 years of not operating boats.
There is a new tradition on the Neva river - if a person sails under the anchor chains of Aurora, it is believed that it is for good luck.


Anonymous Alain Proteau said...

The cruiser Aurora is a world heritage ship moored in the world heritage city of St. Petersburg.

It was preserved with its gray paint scheme as a symbol of the October Revolution and I am grateful that it still exists today.

But times have changed sinse 1917 and I believe that the Aurora's historical legacy is greater than the blank shot that signaled the attack on the Winter Palace.

The Aurora is the sole survivor of the old Russian Navy and, when it entered service in 1903 it was painted in the peace tine colors of a black hull with yellow ochre stacks and it was very beautiful in these colors.

I respectfully believe that, like a beautiful lady, the Aurora deserves to look its very best.

In the United States, there is the old cruiser USS Olympia, and it is preserved in its peace time colors of a white hull and yellow ochre superstructure, masts and stacks.

I respectfully believe that the Aurora, in its original colors could serve as a memorial to all the brave sailors who gave their lives in the service of Russia.

It would serve as a symbol of peace and of reconciliation.

I hope that others feel the same way as I do over the cruiser Aurora. It is a beautiful ship.

11:42 PM  

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