Wednesday, February 20, 2008

History Blog about Siberia based on memories, journals and diaries

Today I got a comment from an author of a Russian History blog. I found it very interesting, especially for those people interested in Russian history of WWI period. Basically this blog is a diary of an American Infantryman in WWI Siberia and even more. This blog is based on the words of George C. Voegeli, author's great grandfather. He makes posts of his journals, including the entirety of a consolidated journal he put together based on his hand written journals and his memory. Author also supplements the journals with historical background and information. Unless otherwise noted the entries come straight from George's consolidated journal. Blogger incoporates supplemental material from other, hand written journals. Also, any posts that deal specifically with historical events, places or people are clearly marked and sources cited. I hope you will enjoy reading his blog which can be found at:

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