Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tver: An unexceptional city

Yes, it serves me right for picking a Russian city (Tver) at random to explore.
However some interesting tidbits here and there:

As good a site as you will find for Tver (located between Moscow and St.Petersburg - though closer to the former). The site reveals that...
The image of modern Tver with its present, clear, and rational layout is a
unique example of 18th century architecture and city planning. Commissioned by
Catherine the Great, the renowned Italian architect Rostrelli incorporated many
of his ideas for the construction of St. Petersburg to rebuild Tver after a
disastrous fire in 1763 that destroyed many of the old buildings in the city.
Classical 1700s and early 1800s town houses and public buildings are typical of
modern Tver, especially along the downtown waterfront.

Why is it that the best websites on Russia are those advertising Russian brides?
The inside scoop is rather unflattering, as well as this. Of course, every country has these cities (even in Michigan). Pushkin's statue and other views.

I wonder if having Buffalo as its twin city means anything.

Much more intersting is who Tver was named after- Mikhail Yaroslavich (St. Michael of Tver) who had to explain his martial actions (against a competitor) to rulers from the Golden Horde. A glimpse of the Hordes power.


Blogger language said...

Mikhail Yaroslavich is the patron saint of the city, but its name predates him (it's mentioned in the Suzdal MS. of 1209) and goes back to an earlier form T'khver', which shows that it's related to the river name Tikhvera; both of them are of pre-Russian origin.

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