Sunday, December 18, 2005

Trinity-Sergius Lavra Monastery

“To understand Russia”, wrote Philosopher Pavel Florensky, “one must understand the Lavra; to fathom the Lavra one must take a close look at its founder”.

That would be St. Sergius of Radonezh(patron saint of Russia).

A view of the monastery and its history from a NewTimes article:
I look at the hole in the southern door of the Trinity Cathedral: it was made on November 8, 1608 by a Polish cannon-ball. The yawning hole in the dark metal surface takes the visitor back to the Time of Trouble and the sixteen months of that cruel siege the Trinity-Sergius Lavra endured. Indeed, every time I see it I can hardly look away: the mark of time seems to so significantly and quaintly bring together the two centuries, remote as they are from each other.

However, wikipedia gives a good century-by-century overview of the monastery's history. Another history site.

Birds-eye drawing of the grounds- with geographic links. Only a few years ago they restored the monastary's blagovest bells. Some very good photos.

A video tour of the monastery is available.
The official site of the monastary (much like an online book) and museum.

Note: Lavra means monastary of the highest rank (1 of 3).


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