Friday, November 25, 2005

What was happening in 1620-21

What was happening within the Russian empire in 1621 (when the Pilgrims and local Indian tribes were celebrating the first Thanksgiving)?

- Sweden captured Riga in Latvia (though the Russians take possession in 1710). The Swedes entrance was marked by Riga's "Swedish Gate", constructed in 1698

-Russia's Time of Troubles had ended only a few years ao, Tsar Mikhail Romanoff was consolidating power. In 1620, he was constructing earthen ramparts around Moscow to protect the city from the Polish wars (later replaced by the sadovaya- grand Garden Avenues).

-a helmet was being made for the Tsar, later to be used by Alexander Nevsky. The helmet had three inscriptions: Help from God, An imminent victory, And grant this to true believers

-in the western Ukraine, the Polish army repelled the Turks from advancing further westward at the Battle of the Khotyn (Khotyn's castle -above- was saved from obscurity by the Soviet film industry's version of 'The Three Musketeers')


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